Life on the farm


The Jersey is an Anglo-Norman bovine breed. Its English and international name is jersey cattle. It is included in the catalog of the French races under the name of jersiaise.

My name is MARGUERITE, I was born in February 2014 and I arrived at the farm in June 2016.

I am small and I produce a milk rich in fat.




The day begins with milking at 7:00 in the morning and in the evening at 19:00.

We skim our milk twice a day to collect a skim milk and a cream.

Milk will be used to make yogurts, pastry and cream to make sweet butter, half-salt or guerande salt.

We serve all these products at your breakfasts and our table d'hôtes in the evening.

For those who wish, we offer a demonstration of milking and skimming of milk with a tasting of the cream.